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DOJ Will Not Prosecute Darren Wilson


A lot of citizens, so called community leaders, celebrities, NFL players and elected officials owe former officer Darren Wilson a heartfelt apology this morning . . .

DOJ Will Not Prosecute Former Ferguson Police Officer, Darren Wilson

As for Department of Justice (DOJ) accusations against the Ferguson, Missouri Police Department:

There can be no excuse for bigoted e-mails or ticket quotas, but Eric Holder argues a 67% African-American population juxtaposed against a 93% arrest rate for blacks the last two years proves a systemic pattern of bias and draconian behavior. That is a major logical leap. A two year sample is, by any measure, too small a sample to draw such sweeping conclusions.

For five years in the early to mid-90s, I worked a beat in the now razed Hilltop and Pleasantview projects of Omaha, NE. My fellow officers and I frequently floated from area to area following the local crime patterns under the supervision of then Sergeant Eric Buske.

According to data from the 1990 Census Bureau, Omaha was comprised of 13.1 percent African-Americans in the years I worked northeast. While my partner and I encountered a few whites and Latinos on our beat, I would conservatively estimate my arrest rate was 90% or more African-American during my tenure in North O.

According to Holder’s dubious standard of proof, I am (or was) a bigoted cop who allowed my biases against blacks to govern the way I policed.

That is bullshit of the highest order.

I caught my share of citizen complaints working the tougher parts of the city. It’s the nature of the beast. If you assert yourself and pursue the criminal element with abandon and zeal complaints will follow. In all the years worked, all the contacts made, all the tickets written and arrests effected, I had only one citizen’s complaint sustained against me – one for using coarse, profane language during a fight with a suspect. (A white suspect) I admitted to the lapse of professionalism and took my medicine for it.

Figures lie and liars figure. There are surely some very fine police officers in and around Ferguson. Let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water.