Nightstick SLR-2120

Nightstick Announces SLR-2120 Under Hood Work Light

February 2015 | Wylie, TX

Nightstick® has announced its SLR-2120 rechargeable work light. This light debuted at the 2015 SHOT Show in Las Vegas where we had an opportunity to take a cursory look. The concept is intriguing whether you’re working on your Kia in your garage or your Deuce and a Half in Afghanistan.

The SLR-2120 features a tubular-shaped LED light bar powered by an industry leading lithium-ion rechargeable battery

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. The light produces 1200 Lumens in full-power mode and 650 Lumens in (a little more than) half-power mode.


Nightstick SLR-2120 Switch
Nightstick SLR-2120 Switch

While the SLR-2120 Under Hood Work Light is purpose built as an all LED, hands-free floodlight for the automobile enthusiast, this rechargeable work light comes with an adjustable cradle that has a pair of spring-loaded, foam-covered grippers that will extend 48”-77” to fit on the underside of virtually any automobile hood. The light bar is then free to rotate 360 degrees to place the lighting exactly where it’s needed. The dual on/off buttons, one located on each of the two handles, operate in tandem with each other. One press of either button turns the light on in Full-power Mode, a second press and you’re in Half-power Mode and then a third press, turns the light off.

Nightstick SLR-2120 Magnets
Nightstick SLR-2120 Magnets
Nightstick SLR-2120 Hook
Nightstick SLR-2120 Hook

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